How to Apply for Adsense

How to Apply for Adsense? How to apply Your Site for Adsense
Do you have a blog or a Site? Do you think it is good enough? People read it? Then Apply for Adsense and make money from your Blog. 
And If you are new to this, #bloggingworld and don't know how to Apply for Adsense, then Follow Step by step Guide.
Many People are starts Blogging as there profession. Nowadays after the Jio Come. Everyone in India is searching for Making Money Online and after that the Result shown by Google is  Make a Channel Make a Blog. So If you are also one of them, and if you, started blogging and posted at least 10 to 20 post...then 

Follow the Steps And Earn Money from Ads (Using Google Adsense)
Go to, log in with the same email with which you have your blog registered.If You have not filled all the detail then, Adsense Want you to do so. Go to the Ads Menu.From the right Menu option.In that Other Product.Give your Website LinkNow Google Adsense Give you a Tracking Code.Copy this CodeGo to t…

Scrapped content Problem Solved - Adsense

We've found policy violations that are preventing your site from being approved

Are You suffering from the same problem which I am Dealing with some Days Before?  Policy Violations Problem
Here at Adsense Help, We Give the Solution for Lot of such Problems follow us and Get every issue solved 

This is Answer from the Google Adsense Expert and thus this is the true answer and the Solution for the problem.
Just a starting point, here are some obvious violations: 
1. New Blogger?
           If you only started the blog in December, so it's far too new.  Adsense needs well-established sites, and typically that means at least six months' worth of content

2. Minimum Post and The word is in Post
          Some of your posts are very short.  Adsense requires significant amounts of text content on every post - that's usually taken as meaning 500-1000 words, which must be written in sentences and paragraphs.             One or two slightly shorter posts are okay in a large, well-established site, but in general, you need a LOT of high quality (and, of course, ful…